The Marathon Journey Begins Again

This is the post excerpt.

The journey has begun towards my next big goal, the Gold Coast Airport Marathon 2017.  This year I am choosing to return to a 42.2km path already traveled.  In 2016 I ran 2.40 on the Gold Coast, winning the Oceania Marathon title and placing 7th female over all.

Gold Coast Marathon 2016

The goal this year is simple “to do it better”. With 13 weeks to go until the start line on July 2nd 2017, coach Matt Dravitzki and I have discussed and set the plan.  My incredibly supportive husband Jimmy, our three girls, families and friends are on board.

For me the marathon journey is an incredibly motivating one.  I thrive on the physical and mental challenges of training harder, yet smarter.  By smarter, how can I navigate through this marathon training with maximal benefits and no unwelcome interruptions such as injury or illness?

This year, I have reflected and chosen three areas I want to ‘do better’ in my marathon journey 2017.

  1. Plan for rest and recovery: As a wife and Mum, it can be tempting to spend all day post training still running, checking of the ‘to do’ list. In discussion with my coach we plan to ensure harder/longer sessions are scheduled on days where I can take a moment to sit, eat and recover.  I will use this time to schedule in jobs that can be done ‘seated’ and let those legs recover.



  1. Fuel Well: The recipe for my success is fuel that is as real and whole as possible for best recovery and performance.  To keep this up in more tiring periods of training I find it invaluable to plan ahead with a weekly meal and snack plan. Online shopping ‘seated’ can be welcomed over more time on my feet! Sunday afternoons I find are a good time for me to get organized, prepare a couple of meals in busier weeks, restock the freezer with good post run snacks.

Snacks 2


  1. Run to Feel: No day is the same in training, even if the session reads the same as last week.  My goals this year is to run to feel, not to compare work outs too closely.  If the body feels stronger today then I will work to it, similarly if I am tired then I need to accept this, adjust and eliminate any guilt or thoughts that I have not trained well.

Training diary

If you too are on the marathon journey right now, well done for embracing this exciting challenge. Here’s to working harder and smarter on and off the road.  Happy Training.


Author: KT

A middle to long distance athlete, wife and mother of three children with a passion for sharing the love of running, exercise, enhancing our health and well being.

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