Remembering ‘Why’?

I often liken marathon running to riding a roller coaster, with it comes incredible highs and unfortunately at times some lows.  Sometimes you just have to hang on tight for the ride.


This year due to a significant injury,  I have experienced a lower point on that ride.  At these times it can be hard to remember my ‘why’, ‘why do I want to run a marathon again’?  

An injury, a challenging training week, tiredness, or end on end days of wintry training conditions are some of those moments that can make me question ‘why?’

Recently I have looked past my own Asics running shoes (which haven’t been able to go anywhere for a while) to answer my question.

In doing so I am grateful to my friends and family for giving me the answers.  Over the past 6 months I have had several individuals, consult or confide in me about their personal running goals.  These goals have included things such as;

  • To run their first ever marathon, half marathon, or a 10km.
  • Target a personal best.
  • Tackle a marathon post a major injury, or several set backs.
  • Challenge their training by trying speed work.

Being fortunate to share their journeys with training updates, war stories, questions and least I forget seeing them smash their goals has been a true inspiration to me.

It is through these friends I am quickly reminded of my ‘why’.    Just because something is hard or challenges us, doesn’t mean we can’t do it, but simply that we have to work harder.  It is with a little bit of hard work that we can all get to experience that truly unbeatable high that comes when you cross that finish line.

finish line pic

Thank you to my friends and families for keeping ‘running real’ and sharing your road with me.

Author: KT

A middle to long distance athlete, wife and mother of three children with a passion for sharing the love of running, exercise, enhancing our health and well being.

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